Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Serendipity- A never lasting moment

Something woke me up in the morning today and i could nt sleep after that..i was angry and smiling at the same point of was amazing sometimes to have a such a weird feelings. well the thing which woke me up today was a dream..a totally unexpected but sweet dream. i think i should thank my friend priya who wished me sweet dreamz last night when we were chatting.

ahhh..he is still there in my...i don't know exactly why i was feeling so good suddenly happens sometimes you meet someone accidentally and cant forget him for some or the other reason, it happened with me too. oct, 09 i met a guy accidentally, yeah accidentally and then again and then in again we shared few chats but suddenly everything ended..

let not talk about why and how..but what i can say is that its very difficult now a days to find someone and then meet someone with whom you share some unforgetable moments, people who leave their image in your mind and heart. i feel lucky to have such moment with a total stranger i met not only on a formal get together but also on the busy roads of gurgaon. ahh amazing it was, i know we never gonna meet again but i always smile whenever i think about it...
we met again in winters that year and it was a group meeting again..we had loads of fun and then separated or i can say seperated forever may be i have guessed it so tat day only because i was feeling scared. i was totally lost in my thoughts when he asked me sweetly "why are you sounding so lost" and i made a strange face.

The reason that i woke up in the morning today was because i was dreaming about him about a person who gave this strange and sweet experience, i think it was for that short time period only..may be thats what i called serendipity!!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Drive safely!!

On my way to office today, i met an heart thundering incident. A car hit two people (one female and one male) and ran away in speed. The police reached late and the crowd was trying to help these people., but unfortunately both of them died on the spot.

Well the accident was over and i came to office, but the images of the incidents kept running throughout the day and i was surprised that how could that guy ran off after creating such a blunder, will he be able to forgive himself ever. The man and the woman who died in the accident seem to be married, he actually destroyed two families.

Hit and run is a serious offence not only infront of law but also humanity, one should understand that we have no right to ruin anyone's life just like that. Most of accidents are the result of rash and negligent driving and the morning incident confirmed the same.

while driving we should keep certain things in mind to avoid accidents:
  • Don't drink alcohol while driving
  • Get plenty of sleep before you drive.
  • Do not use your cell phones while driving
  • Do not show off publically that how fast you can drive. Don't pretend you're in a video game.
i would like to make a public appeal here that we all should avoid rash driving it can be dangerous not only for others but to us also. did any one of you faced any incident like this.??

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Importance of RIGHT TO VOTE

Thursday was an important day in the capital of India, Fourth phase of general elections was held here. In India elections are been held in phases because most of the security personnel are required to move around the country to facilitate the polling of around millions of people.

One of my close friend went to cast vote and he is been offered an amount of Rs. 150/- to cast vote by a well known political party. The incident not only clearly portrays the condition of our polling systems but also contributes to demotivates the young generation by highlighting their cheap methods of earning votes. Also this clearly mentions that political parties are not having any reasonable agenda on which they can be confident enough to earn votes. Most of the population of our country is illiterate and so get easily influenced by the illogical speeches of our political leaders. There are a ton of schemes and programmes for the education of the children as well as the adults. but very few of them actually works to give a sincere output.

Working for an organisation which works towards providing educational assistance to children of slums i get to know about the realities of the government schools. it was shocking to note that a student of 8th standard was not able to read and write and he has been passed in all his previous classes because according the government rule no one can mark a child as fail in his result upto 8th standard. well the rule must have something good as it actually decreases the terror to being failed among the students but then it is the responsibility of the respective authority to maintain theiir standards too. the aim should not be completing the targets it should be making them educated in way that they can be able to to contribute towards the development of the country.

I also believe that criticising government or political parties does not solve the problem we as citizens should also realise our responsibility and understand that we together make the country and if we are sensitive enough to make it survive positively then its worthless to blame others.
In a democratic country like ours we all should cast vote but not under the influence of any monetary benefit (as incident of friend mentioned above).We are responsible for the government we criticize whole of 5 year. We need to understand the importance of our RIGHT TO VOTE and choose the government which is we feel is competent enough to run our country.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Understanding People

Humans are indeed an interesting species, and very hard to understand at times. Sometimes It becomes difficult just trying to understand what they must be thinking when they do the things they do. They are strange and different from each other may thats the reason of all kind of inventions in the world and also this makes the world volatile and interesting.

At work i have to deal with different categories of people , interview them and assess them for the particular responsibility. Usually whenever i go for an interview, the first 10 minutes gives me an impression, which to a large extent determines whether the candidate will be suitable for the job or not . In these first ten seconds, i observe his impressions like nervousness, seriousness, etc. These first seconds also influence to a large extent the rest of the conversation and any further contacts, may be that why its been said that "first impression is very important" .

There can be many other ways of understanding human behaviour, this one is mine in a particular situation. Though i believe that most of us behave differently in different situation. So i would like to know your way of understanding people. Do you believe in first impression formula??

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Creativity has lot many examples, here is one which i want to show to all of you. Recently i came to know about online magazines. honestly speaking i was not having much knowledge about it till i get introduced to one named I found it to be an interesting platform for people who have good writing skills and who can portray their thoughts in a meaningful manner.

Talking more about Themag, it has different categories including Movie reviews, where lastest movie reviews are been published, category called Articles where latest topics are been covered, short stories column wherein interesting stories been published and etc.. but the most interesting part which i found on Mag was the Forum wherein you can introduce yourself and start discussion with different people. Its a very good forum which i found for exchanging ideas and thoughts.

I close todays post by giving all my wishes to the Mag and also request my readers to atleast visit the site once.

Friday, September 28, 2007


One of the most important relationship lessons I learned was this: The relationships we have with other people are projections of the relationships we have within ourselves. Our external relationships and our internal relationships are in fact the same relationships. They only seem different because we look at them through different lenses.
Let’s consider why this is true. Where do all your relationships exist? They exist in your thoughts. Your relationship with another person is whatever you imagine it to be. Whether you love someone or hate someone, you’re right. Now the other person may have a completely different relationship to you, but understand that your representation of what someone else thinks of you is also part of your thoughts. So your relationship with someone includes what you think of that person and what you believe s/he thinks of you. You can complicate it further by imagining what the other person thinks you think of him/her, but ultimately those internal representations are all you have.
Even if your relationships exist in some objective reality independent of your thoughts, you never have access to the objective viewpoint. You’re always viewing your relationships through the lens of your own consciousness. The closest you can get to being objective is to imagine being objective, but that is in no way the same thing as true objectivity. That’s because the act of observation requires a conscious observer, which is subjective by its very nature.
At first it might seem troublesome that you can never hope to gain a truly accurate, 100% objective understanding of your relationships. You can never escape the subjective lens of your own consciousness. . That doesn’t stop people from trying, but such attempts are in vain. If you fall into the trap of trying to think of your relationships as objective entities that are external to you, you’ll be using an inescapably inaccurate model of reality. Consequently, the likely outcome is that you’ll frustrate yourself to no end when it comes to human relationships. You’ll make relating to other people a lot harder than it needs to be. Intuitively you may know something is off in your approach to relationships, but you’ll remain stuck until you realize that every relationship you have with another person is really a relationship that exists entirely within yourself.
Fortunately, once you embrace the subjective nature of relationships, you’ll have a much easier time relating to people. It’s easier to get where you want to go when you have an accurate map. The subjective view of relationships implies that you can change or improve your relationships with others by working on the internal relationships within yourself. Furthermore, you can improve your internal relationships, such as your self-esteem, by working on your relationships with others. Ultimately it’s all the same thing.
It can be hard to admit that your complaints about others are really complaints about yourself, but the upside is that your relationship issues reveal where you still need to grow. Consequently, a fantastic way to accelerate your personal growth is to build relationships with others. The more you interact with others, the more you learn about yourself.
I believe the true value of human relationships is that they serve as pointers to unconditional love. According to the subjective model, when you forgive, accept, and love all parts of yourself, you will forgive, accept, and love all other human beings as they are. The more you improve your internal relationships between your thoughts, beliefs, and intentions, the more loving and harmonious your human relationships will become. Hold unconditional love in your consciousness, and you’ll see it reflected in your reality.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

One day i will!!

As a human being, i have always given importance to my each and every relationship, i love each one who is present in my life, apart from this attitude of mine i have lost one of my very good friend.

My friend is a very intelligent and a genuine person he has always provided me good suggestions whenever i was in need of it also he is been very patient throughout, he listened to my stupid talks and answer all my questions..he is sweet friend but then some misunderstanding happened and he suddenly stopped talking to me.

even after knowing very clearly that he doesn't want to talk to me i continued talking to him because i wanted to talk and maintain the relationship, in friendship it usually happens that friends get upset from each other but thats then thats on the individuals that whether they want to continue the friendship or my case i want to...knowing very well that he is angry with me for the reason which i don't know, i will continue trying and one day will get friend back:)))

Optimism is necessary in friendship, so i am going to be positive in this case.

have you ever faced any situation like so??