Saturday, May 12, 2007


Communication is a very important aspect of our life, it can be defined as the transfer of information from one source to another. When a child is born he is not capable to speak out, but from his body language, he communicate his need and attains satisfaction.

I give very much importance to communication, both at professional and personal level. Social work, a profession where communication plays a very vital role in the fulfillment of the objectives of various programs initiated by respective agencies. We being professional social workers are supposed to work with people of urban and rural slums, disabled persons, corporate etc and are asked to build brilliant rapport with the members of the respected areas. We go into communities and talk to people and believe that within a very short span of time we will develop a kind of trust with them wherein people will start sharing their problems with us. Initially I didn’t believed it but with the passage of time when I myself started working, then realized that, it is possible! Actually it was been made possible because of the frequent interaction with the people. well after two years i can say that i have developed an intense relationship with most of the members of the community.

As a social worker i have also worked in corporate, there the pattern of communication was more of formal kind but yet i was able to develop good interpersonal relationship with some of the senior officers of the company. This helped me a lot in understanding various aspect of the working of the organization. Also through communication i will say, i was able to take out some hidden information of the organisation.

At personal level...well i have observed that as we grow older we stop expressing our feelings infront of others. there are lot of reasons attached to it. By that time we learnt to control our desires and start prioritising it. I have often heard people saying that certain things need to be expressed and it should be understood by the other person if he or she knows me., i always don't agree on this as i believe that even for understanding someone, we need to express ourselves infront of that person. For any relationship, communication and expression of desires and needs are very important. it is an essential ingredient for the sustainability of long term relationship.
Well what is notion for this...???