Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Serendipity- A never lasting moment

Something woke me up in the morning today and i could nt sleep after that..i was angry and smiling at the same point of was amazing sometimes to have a such a weird feelings. well the thing which woke me up today was a dream..a totally unexpected but sweet dream. i think i should thank my friend priya who wished me sweet dreamz last night when we were chatting.

ahhh..he is still there in my...i don't know exactly why i was feeling so good suddenly happens sometimes you meet someone accidentally and cant forget him for some or the other reason, it happened with me too. oct, 09 i met a guy accidentally, yeah accidentally and then again and then in again we shared few chats but suddenly everything ended..

let not talk about why and how..but what i can say is that its very difficult now a days to find someone and then meet someone with whom you share some unforgetable moments, people who leave their image in your mind and heart. i feel lucky to have such moment with a total stranger i met not only on a formal get together but also on the busy roads of gurgaon. ahh amazing it was, i know we never gonna meet again but i always smile whenever i think about it...
we met again in winters that year and it was a group meeting again..we had loads of fun and then separated or i can say seperated forever may be i have guessed it so tat day only because i was feeling scared. i was totally lost in my thoughts when he asked me sweetly "why are you sounding so lost" and i made a strange face.

The reason that i woke up in the morning today was because i was dreaming about him about a person who gave this strange and sweet experience, i think it was for that short time period only..may be thats what i called serendipity!!!!