Saturday, June 9, 2007

Essence of LOVE

Its always good to be a part of any discussion, i got this opportunity almost daily...the most criticised and most loved topic of our group is LOVE...there always a spectrum of opinions formed whenever any issue is raised but for this topic i got some very weired and unexpected opinions. Some of my friends said that they might kill their lovers if they ditch them, others said they can do any thing to seek attention and some reactions i can't even mention, otherwise one may loose their faith in love.

Individuals are unique and have different opinions on different issues and i respect those too. in my opinion as one of my friends asked, love is..hmmm...well i think love has many shades it differ from person to person. loving is the foremost charactersictic of being a human being. Honestly speaking for me, love is to see someone happy and succesful in his life. it doesn;t ask for any terms and conditions,it has the power to a mould a person, one can do anything for someone special of ours, without putting any condition even its ironical but true

We oftenly use the term TRUE LOVE, in my opinion love doesn't need the adjective of "true" , It is always true, and if its not then its not love.

Through this post i want to put forward the real essence of love (according to me, it may not be generalised) and want to know that how many of you feel the same....

Friday, June 1, 2007

Why do People Fight??

A fight between two people is oftenly seen in our day to day life. Not differentiating myself from the mainstream society, i also get indulge into fights many a times.

There can be many reason for the person getting into a fight, the reason which i derived was little different (thats what i think). Fights can be of two types one is external, in which one fights with the other person and the other one is internal, wherein one fights with ones own innerself. Also the latter can be taken as the cause for the former in many cases.

An internal fight is between the expectations of others and our own desires. And as a part of reality we rarely fulfil our desires and work hard to come upto the expectations of others. This creats some kind of disonance in our mind and prepares the platform for frustations and this frustration works as the major ingredient for any fight. It ignites ones temperament and forces him or her to get involved in fight which is external in nature.

In my opinion, we need to bridge the gap between our desires and others expectations in a proper manner in order to reduce the instances of Fights. now this is what i think..can u suggest some other measures of reducing the number of fights??