Tuesday, July 17, 2007

One day i will!!

As a human being, i have always given importance to my each and every relationship, i love each one who is present in my life, apart from this attitude of mine i have lost one of my very good friend.

My friend is a very intelligent and a genuine person he has always provided me good suggestions whenever i was in need of it also he is been very patient throughout, he listened to my stupid talks and answer all my questions..he is sweet friend but then some misunderstanding happened and he suddenly stopped talking to me.

even after knowing very clearly that he doesn't want to talk to me i continued talking to him because i wanted to talk and maintain the relationship, in friendship it usually happens that friends get upset from each other but thats then thats on the individuals that whether they want to continue the friendship or not...in my case i want to...knowing very well that he is angry with me for the reason which i don't know, i will continue trying and one day will get friend back:)))

Optimism is necessary in friendship, so i am going to be positive in this case.

have you ever faced any situation like so??

Friday, July 13, 2007


Now a days i am not able to understand myself, i don't know exactly what i want its an ambiguous situation and i am not able to take any decision of mine. life is looking like a hell. everyday i woke and take a resolution to be happy, but then i fail.

I always used to believe that there are two paths which life give us the one which is easy but not correct and the another which is correct but not easy...but then i realised that life is more than that and its easy to choose between the right and wrong but its very difficult to choose between two right paths and in our day to day life we are encountered with such situations only..right now m facing the same and m unable to take any decision of mine

generally i used to follow my heart in such situations so i think i should go by that
well thats about me.. what u guys do in such kind of situations??