Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Drive safely!!

On my way to office today, i met an heart thundering incident. A car hit two people (one female and one male) and ran away in speed. The police reached late and the crowd was trying to help these people., but unfortunately both of them died on the spot.

Well the accident was over and i came to office, but the images of the incidents kept running throughout the day and i was surprised that how could that guy ran off after creating such a blunder, will he be able to forgive himself ever. The man and the woman who died in the accident seem to be married, he actually destroyed two families.

Hit and run is a serious offence not only infront of law but also humanity, one should understand that we have no right to ruin anyone's life just like that. Most of accidents are the result of rash and negligent driving and the morning incident confirmed the same.

while driving we should keep certain things in mind to avoid accidents:
  • Don't drink alcohol while driving
  • Get plenty of sleep before you drive.
  • Do not use your cell phones while driving
  • Do not show off publically that how fast you can drive. Don't pretend you're in a video game.
i would like to make a public appeal here that we all should avoid rash driving it can be dangerous not only for others but to us also. did any one of you faced any incident like this.??

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