Saturday, May 9, 2009

Importance of RIGHT TO VOTE

Thursday was an important day in the capital of India, Fourth phase of general elections was held here. In India elections are been held in phases because most of the security personnel are required to move around the country to facilitate the polling of around millions of people.

One of my close friend went to cast vote and he is been offered an amount of Rs. 150/- to cast vote by a well known political party. The incident not only clearly portrays the condition of our polling systems but also contributes to demotivates the young generation by highlighting their cheap methods of earning votes. Also this clearly mentions that political parties are not having any reasonable agenda on which they can be confident enough to earn votes. Most of the population of our country is illiterate and so get easily influenced by the illogical speeches of our political leaders. There are a ton of schemes and programmes for the education of the children as well as the adults. but very few of them actually works to give a sincere output.

Working for an organisation which works towards providing educational assistance to children of slums i get to know about the realities of the government schools. it was shocking to note that a student of 8th standard was not able to read and write and he has been passed in all his previous classes because according the government rule no one can mark a child as fail in his result upto 8th standard. well the rule must have something good as it actually decreases the terror to being failed among the students but then it is the responsibility of the respective authority to maintain theiir standards too. the aim should not be completing the targets it should be making them educated in way that they can be able to to contribute towards the development of the country.

I also believe that criticising government or political parties does not solve the problem we as citizens should also realise our responsibility and understand that we together make the country and if we are sensitive enough to make it survive positively then its worthless to blame others.
In a democratic country like ours we all should cast vote but not under the influence of any monetary benefit (as incident of friend mentioned above).We are responsible for the government we criticize whole of 5 year. We need to understand the importance of our RIGHT TO VOTE and choose the government which is we feel is competent enough to run our country.

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