Friday, May 8, 2009

Understanding People

Humans are indeed an interesting species, and very hard to understand at times. Sometimes It becomes difficult just trying to understand what they must be thinking when they do the things they do. They are strange and different from each other may thats the reason of all kind of inventions in the world and also this makes the world volatile and interesting.

At work i have to deal with different categories of people , interview them and assess them for the particular responsibility. Usually whenever i go for an interview, the first 10 minutes gives me an impression, which to a large extent determines whether the candidate will be suitable for the job or not . In these first ten seconds, i observe his impressions like nervousness, seriousness, etc. These first seconds also influence to a large extent the rest of the conversation and any further contacts, may be that why its been said that "first impression is very important" .

There can be many other ways of understanding human behaviour, this one is mine in a particular situation. Though i believe that most of us behave differently in different situation. So i would like to know your way of understanding people. Do you believe in first impression formula??

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santosh said...

I think judging people with their first impression may not be correct. The first impression may be articulated and just to impress the person. Real understanding of people comes when we spend time with them in different situatins, that too some extent. Understanding people fully is impossible, thoug u can make some guesses about their reactions in some situations.